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About me

Having spent most of my professional life either collaborating on or creating ideas for other folks, I started designing cards and prints as a personal project a few years back. My designs reflect my experiences and influences working as a creative and graphic designer in music videos and commercials, with a smattering of influence from my packaging design schooling.

Hooked on bold palettes, music and design my ideas are intrinsically simple, cheeky, graphic pops of colour. Music and visuals have always been one in the same to me, so each card and print is sketched and designed with a mood in mind, a character, a soundtrack if you like, which helps me pick out colours, design the details and set the tone: Grace Jones “Ma Vie En Rose”, Daft Punk “Digital Love”, Roxy Music “More Than This”, Joan Jett “Cherry Bomb”, Doja Cat, Kid Cudi, Prince, Talking Heads, Kate Bush, Easy Life, Tame Impala…anything and everything that sparks a feeling. 

Ultimately the aim is to create cards and designs that make me smile a little but more importantly to make designs that give something fun, sexy and a little silly for my friends or even a complete stranger like YOU to enjoy.

Kiki x

All items are designed, printed and packaged in France. All products are printed on either 100% recycled or sustainably sourced card stock. MADE WITH A LOT OF LOVE AND AFFECTION.


Insta: @shopmykiki
FB: KikiGunnPrintWorks